The Old Sacrameto district has the look and feel of a real western pioneer town, a charming mixture of original and rebuilt Gold Rush era structures and public spaces. The district is located beside the beautiful Sacramento River along Sacramento's waterfront. Sacramento's bustling downtown and the State Capitol are just blocks away.

Old Sacramento is a unique 28-acre National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park. The historic blocks of Old Sac are alive with shopping, dining, entertainment, historical attractions and world-renowned museums set within the time of the California Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad. Old Sacramento is home to several annual festivals, including the world famous Sacramento Jazz Festival.

Pioneer Square is especially well situated within Old Sacramento's rich history: Pioneer Square sits directly across I street from the California State Railroad Museum. The Square sits one story below street level, at the original level of early Old Sacramento streets, before the town was raised to avoid seasonal flooding.

According to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Downtown Sacramento has the lowest office vacancy rate in the area and the most robust retail activity by far. Imagine the future of your Old Sacramento business location when the Railyards is fully developed nearby and the State completes the new historic attractions on the waterfront at the foot of I St. You would be in the middle of all the action!

Lot's of exciting new development is proposed or under construction in and around Old Sacramento. Read all about it:

Recently, California State Park and City of Sacramento officials have discussed plans to build more access to the original lower level of Old Sacramento and improvments to Old Sacramento's historical and entertainment profile. Read the Sacramento Bee article.

Old Sacramento sits next to the Railyards Project, one of the largest urban infill developments in the nation. Read about progress on the railyards:

http://sacramentorailyards.com, and The City of Sacramento website

There are efforts underway to build a new sports arena in the railyards. Read about it.

Tours of the original underground level of Old Sacramento are now being conducted. These tours depart from Pioneer Square. Read about it.

For more informaton about Old Sacramento, please visit the Old Sacramento website.




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